A Bold Experiment: Email Scheduling

07.06.11 Posted in Working Mom by

I’ve decided to try a bold experiment: Scheduling email time. You see, I’ve been extraordinarily busy lately (which is a good thing), so I sat down to write my schedule out, and plan my days down to the minute. (In and of itself, this is bold.) I got to thinking about my mornings, and realized […]

Bold Experiment: Learning to Stop

06.24.11 Posted in Working Mom by

I had the stomach flu Friday night (it’ll be a while before I can think about eating chili again), and even though it’s about three days later, I still don’t feel right. Part of it is that I’m not sleeping well. At night, it feels like work to sleep. It’s actually hard work getting my […]

I Love “I Love Lucy”

03.22.11 Posted in Working Mom by

I love “I Love Lucy.” Fifties sexual politics aside, I love the idea of wearing hats, and going to see Vaudeville acts on a night out. It seems idyllic to live in a time without voicemail, email or cell phones – if I’ve gone out for the evening, you’ll just have to try me later. […]