Client Testimonials

Here’s what past and present clients have said about Jessica Santina Writing Services:

“Jessica Santina is a superb author who creates amazing content. Her ability to capture the stories from our employees and translate them into a compelling blog, essay, article, email, or newsletter has created a strong connection for our internal and external brand. She is able to capture the unique voice of our employees, one that often surprises even themselves. She conducts full life cycle support for the content – from interviewing against the vision of the project, to creating the material for the content, to revising, editing and finalizing for publication. She requires very little instruction and often adds and supplements to the vision of your projects to create something stronger. I highly recommend her services.” – Lindsey Sanford, Chief of Staff, People Team, Palo Alto Networks

“I have been working with Jessica for over three years. I think she is one of the most talented copywriters I have ever known. The main topic I write about is tax law, which for most of the readers would not be their first reading choice. When Jessica writes about taxes using the information I shared with her, the dry and somewhat boring content suddenly becomes like a suspense novel one wants to follow from the start to the very end. Jessica is professional, ultimately reliable, and very caring. I consider myself lucky being one of her happy customers.” – Ludmila Popper, CPA/PFS, Ludmila CPA Inc.

“Some writers excel with voice and style. Others with mechanics. And then there’s story planning, research, editorial judgement, and the kind of ruthless editing that makes for smooth-reading copy. Jessica is the rare writer who keeps all of these balls in the air—and makes it look easy. (It’s not.) In publishing, reliability is half the job. I know I can rely on Jessica to deliver clean, accurate copy and insightful, well-informed opinions, every time. Her work is always on deadline and always a pleasure to read.” – Kris Vagner, Editor/Publisher, Double Scoop–Arts in Nevada

“Jessica is one of the most reliable contractors I have ever used. She always does a good job on time and on budget. Her knowledge of language and her feeling for personal style make her a fabulous editor. Her innovation and expertise make for a potent combination. – Cindie Geddes, Flying Hand Writing Services

“Being able to extract the essence of a message for a book is not always an easy task. Jessica helped make it an easy, fun and profitable experience. Not only did we extract the message, but we turned it into what will undoubtedly be another great best seller.” – Blair Singer, author of SalesDogs and How to Build a Business Team that Wins: The Code of Honor

“While at Syncon Homes, I worked with Jessica on a number of projects, including our weekly advertorial column, copy for our sales materials and radio, television and print ad copy. It was always easy to work with her because she’s very personable and she understood our needs right away. She was instrumental in helping me to develop topics for the weekly column and then had an ability to take what was probably a pretty dry subject about some aspect of homebuilding and make it accessible, interesting and something people looked for in the paper (I had a number of comments from people, who read the column each week and had learned something from it.)” – Mike Armitage, principal, Critical Mass Creative (former Marketing Manager at Developer’s Marketing Resource/Syncon Homes)

“Jessica is a gem of a proofreader who worked with me on my penultimate draft of my doctoral thesis. She is professional, flexible, and was thoroughly centered during the final intense period of my thesis submission. There were no typos in my doctoral thesis upon examination, thanks to Jessica!” – Joe Duggan

“Jessica Santina is an editor’s dream. Even on tight deadlines, she delivers clean, entertaining copy. She gets the facts rights, the names spelled correctly, and she can make even the most routine stories lively and thought-provoking. She’s a consummate professional. I wish I had three more just like her.” – Brad Bynum, Arts & Culture Editor, Reno News & Review